Why choose Gallery Shutters Inc.?

For over 20 years, Gallery Shutters Inc. has been the leader in both sales and installation of window Shutters and Blinds across Irvine and the greater Orange County area.  Time and time again, we have received extraordinarily positive reviews from customers and oftentimes, we even recognize repeat customers.  But what exactly is it that gives us such a strong reputation?  Our wide selection of high-quality wood shutters? Our ability to customize shutters that are perfect for your home and your desires?  Our unbelievably low prices?  Our efficient and personalized service?  We like to think that it’s all of the above, and more.  However, as much as we like to go the extra mile for our customers, it all starts with providing top-notch, shutters and blinds.  

Interior Vs. Exterior Window Shutters

Whether you prefer classic plantation shutters or simple exterior window shutters, we can add a useful touch of style to your home.  Perhaps it’s important to first understand the difference between the two styles.  Plantation shutters are generally installed on the interior of the house, in narrow units, hinged accordion-style, so that multiple units cover each side of a window opening when they are closed.  Most have movable louvers, that can be angled up or down by a tilt bar, which runs up the middle of each unit.  Since the louvers are always in a uniform position with each other, this function allows someone to control how much light, airflow, and visibility is allowed into the room.  Plantation shutters are practical for warmer climates, such as summertime in Irvine, as their wide louver blades are great at deflecting heat while still being able to control a breeze through the house.  Exterior window shutters, on the other hand, serve a variety of different purposes.  First and most obvious, since they are installed on the outside of the house, they don’t have movable louvers.  Instead,  when the shutters are closed, they provide protection from severe weather, such as wind and rain.  Both types of window shutters serve their own purposes, but it’s pretty clear which would be more practical in a place such as Irvine.  So let’s discuss the different kinds of interior window shutters that Gallery Shutters Inc. provides, in the hopes of discovering exactly what shutters are right for you.  


Wood Vs. Poly Shutters

We offer both real wood and poly shutters, depending on your needs.

Real Wood and Polywood both have their own pros and cons.

We offer a wide array of custom high-quality woods for our wooden shutters.  From basswood to cedar and beyond, there seems to be an endless selection of woods to choose from.  On top of that, we can also match any stain or finish, so your new wooden shutters can blend seamlessly into the room they are installed in.  Lastly, we are capable of giving a sandblast finish or a sunburst design to any wooden shutters, in case you want that extra bit of style.  Another option is our poly shutters, which are made of an engineered wood substitute that doesn’t chip, warp, or split.  They are more affordable, and more durable than real wood shutters.  However, they are also heavier and less customizable.  Poly shutters are almost always only available in white and off-white colors.  Therefore, if one truly desires the classic, natural look of real wood, instead of basic white shutters, there are some tradeoffs to consider.  Don’t hesitate to contact us through our website  http://galleryshuttersinc.com/ or to give us a call at 1 (800) 462-8777 for help figuring out what kind of shutters are best for you.

We Customize

At Gallery Shutters Inc., it’s our goal to provide you with shutters that are nothing less than perfect for you and your home.  We specialize in designing custom shutters to fit any window of any shape and size.  We can even install shutters on sliding glass doors to provide extra privacy and light control.  Although this hasn’t always been a common practice, it is becoming more and more popular around Irvine and the rest of Orange County, as it provides more privacy and light control.  You can visit our gallery to see some examples of our shutters for sliding glass doors.  If there is any place in your house that might benefit by having shutters installed, let our professionals help you with our simple three step process.  First, we measure the window on which the shutters will be installed, then we manufacture the shutters, and lastly, we install them.  This simple and effect process allows you to oversee the customization, and also insures that you will have your new shutters installed in a timely manner.  It is our dedication to this process and to our customers that upholds our reputation for quality custom shutters.   

We can provide customized window shutters to fit any room.

Let Us Help

Shutter installation can be pricy and tricky if you do it yourself.  You always run the risk of putting too much weight on a window frame and pulling the entire thing out of the wall.  You also stand a chance of settling for shutters that aren’t exactly perfect for your home.  Let our professionals help you decide what materials, dimensions, and functionalities are right for you.  Do you have a small modern house that seems just a bit too cold?  Let in some daylight with our power remote control shutters.  We can manufacture them out of a clean white polywood that would support your modern theme.  Is your classic living room just a little too warm?  Some real wood shutters on your sliding glass door would give you extra control over the sunlight, while maintaining the comfortable and warm feel of your living room.  Gallery Shutters Inc. can provide you with the best custom shutters to fit the needs of your Irvine home, because we understand the climate, the weather, and the trends of the area.  It also doesn’t hurt that we’ve been serving Orange County for over 20 years.  Start making your house into a home and contact Gallery Shutters Inc. today for a free estimate.